Foreign Finance Trust Sweden KB
AML certified Asset Management company
About our company
Foreign Finance Trust Sweden KB is a Swedish Trust company with 2 years of successful experience. Sweden is a well respected jurisdictions with wide recognition and respectability, not only throughout Europe but worldwide also. Foreign Finance Trust sweden KB is officially registered as Trust Manager in accordance with the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act of 2009 (AML Compliance). The legal status of our company is easy to verify with local authorities and AML Certificate. Based on Trustee status and AML Certificate Foreign Finance Trust Sweden KB manages third party funds and assets.
Our services
Real Estate Management
We offer turn-key solution for real estate 'management. We undertake all aspects of purchase, sale, financing, design, renovation, maintenance, new construction, insurance, rent and taxes related to your real estate.

You need insurance? Use network of our insurance brokers. We arrange insurances for you, members of your family, real estate, cars, yachts, jets, etc.

Escrow Agent
You are not sure about integrity of your contractor? You can use our company as escrow agent. Escrow approach eliminates any risk to loose money due to unfulfilled obligations by your contractor.
Financial Instruments
You have collateral? We arrange credit lines, LCs, BGs or other financial instruments against your collateral.
We have number of reliable brokers on most demanded stock exchanges. We can buy or sell stocks on your behalf.
Wealth Management
We make your savings to work for your wealth. We developed special investment programs based on risk assestment tools.
Work and family take all your time and efforts?
We make your money to work for your wealth. Let''s start! Just click the button below!
Advantages of our company
We are providing services all over the world. Our managers are always customer oriented. For us it does not matter where client is located. We will be there also.
Turn-key solution
Company offers one-stop solution. Using us and our partners you can get all necessary financial services from "one window".
We help you to avoid suspicious operations and partners. We prepare detailed compliance report KYC, KYB, AML, CTF for every your wire and contractor.
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